To start our research we visited local farmers and we were looking at various reports from the ministry of agriculture. This gave us a great indication about various food trends, ecological aspects and how the economy behaves in this sector.

To conclude our findings we also worked with google surveys. This allowed us to collect our own data and to test early prototypes

We quickly noticed that we are on the right track and concluded that consumers and farmers are both interested in a solution for a more eco-friendly way to buy and sell milk.
To explore different features and crash-test different interaction concepts we created a lot of variations in quick sprint sessions. To test them we presented the solutions in google forms and asked various user groups to pick their favorites. This way we made sure that we create an easy-to-use product.
The final design aims for maximum usability for both consumer, who buys the product, and the farmer, who refills and maintains the vending machine.

From top to bottom the vending machine is sectioned into a dispenser for new bottles, the area to tap the milk, and the payment unit. 
Since simplymilk is more than just a vending machine and aims for a way to be more independent as a milk farmer it was very important to us to show how it could be integrated into a farm shop solution.

This all-in-one-package allows the farmer to not only sell their main product which is milk but also creates the possibility to sell a variety of different foods. The payment satellite can be used to pay these goods as well.

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